Glade Festival 2009

Plump DJs

Got back from Glade festival yesterday afternoon. Superb weekend. I’ve never seen a venue so geographically perfect for a festival as that place. A natural huge amphitheatre who’s crucible was filled with about 10 PA tents, out-door rigs, one main stage and about 100 or so side shows, bars, food joints, shops 10,000 ravers and assorted curiosities.

The quality of the music was top class, thanks to the nature of the stuff that was getting played, and the mindblowingly stunning quality of the PA systems employed. Visually the place was décor’d up to the max and the people, (Oh the people!) were the stars of the show.

Having backstage access was great. Not only can you get some incredible angles on things for taking photos but you get to see more of how the music is made, the people that make it and the crowd that love it. The back stage bar was perhaps the nicest hang out in the whole site. Loads of impromptu sets from DJ’s that we’re playing main stages, loads of professional party people partying.

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