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I’ve been left to my own devices this weekend. Eirene stayed at her dads for a few more days.

Missing them all massively now. It’s the longest I’ve ever been away from them for 10 years. I have however had a rather good weekend. I got loads of work done on Saturday after going out to a gig on Friday night at the little wonder. Hi quality hardcore punk. Not normally my cup of tea / not the sort of thing I’d listen to but it’s ace to see live. The energy and atmosphere was outstanding. The next day I managed to do a load of work that I had followed by the main event of the weekend – watching the Ashes.

After a couple of hours or so, we headed off to Leeds to go to a friends birthday BBQ near Headingley. Managed to catch the end of a game of cricket (Kirkstall I think). And had a nice time with a bunch of nice peeps.

Ended up having a couple at the milepost and eventually wandered home to play Big Beach Sports cricket on the wii. Upon waking, went to a friends house to watch the Ashes the we played a game of t20 on an ‘abandoned’ (but still well maintained) pitch. Pads and balls and bats, beers and cheers and cricket along with a LW radio so we could hear The Ashes.. which we won! It’ll be one of those ‘where we’re you when we last won The Ashes?’ – playing a great game of cricket with a squad of lovely people.

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