Blazing glory

FIRE was back to a full blazing glory on Sunday. It took a while to ignite – my set sparked a few embers and roots. I really enjoyed it and once I’d got into my head the idea of playing music that I enjoy it made it seem to work. Cloudbass’s set added some fule but Dharma’s set turned it right around – the place went electric. It didn’t get ‘busy’ until abou 11:30 but once it hit the threshold it was a full house of fun. Christopher Xtoper’s set was something else. He had some superb mash-ups in there which really put a smile on the everyone’s face. It was a shame to drag him off but Mr Kendal’s set was worth it.

We’d dressed the venue in a load of material I’d been given that used to adorn the top of the millennium dome until fairly recently – this looked fantastic.

It was great that FIRE felt like a proper party again – it hasn’t been firing on all 4 cylinders recently although I didn’t quite realise that until we had a ‘proper one’ again.

Looking forward to doing more of the same!

Photos to follow.

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