What a brilliant birthday weekend I’ve just had. Started out on Saturday morning with some superb gifts from Eirene and the little people. Slippers, books and a large Tangine. A Moroccan ‘slow cook’ croc. I’d pointed out that I’d like one of these almost exactly 1 years before at a market in Leyburn when we went there for my birthday. As well as that lot I got some lovely cards and a whetstone for my knifes! (makes me sound a bit of a psycho.. I’m referring to my leatherman and my (kitchen) Sabatier knife set)

Saturday night we had a bit of a soiree. This was lovely and the word had obviously got out that I’m a bit of a fan of chocolate cake. Not one person, not two people, but three people made me a cake. I loved them all but the one depicted won it for style. I also got some lovely gifts from friends – books and some Yorkshire tea and Parkin!

Saturday – the original plan was to go off camping. We toyed with the idea of going to Thimbleberry festival for the night but in the end, I decided that we should just chill. So that’s what we did! Spent the day reading and proper chilling. In the evening we watched Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Chrystal Skull which we liked. We complimented that with a curry from Mujib, Harrogate – very nice indeed. I’d put some lamb along with some spice marinade in the fridge for overnight infusions..

The next day, I piled my lamb, with tomato juice, tomatoes, dates, apricots, sultanas, almonds, stock and bits and bobs and spice etc. Into my new tangine. Several hours late we ate the results.. Wow factor yum. I’ll be trying that again! Topped of the day with a family geocache adventure down near crimple beck near the Great Yorkshire Showground. Super doop weekend. All over far to quickly though!

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