Since my birthday I’ve been a busy badger (hence the lack of no bloggage for some time). Work has been ‘full on’. A main site relaunch and a new brand launch. Aside from that, every bit of downtime I’ve had has been away from computers.

I’ve ploughed through one of my birthday books.

“The Various Flavours of Coffee” by Antony Capella.

Aside from the fact my coffee yearning went up by an exponential rate whilst reading this novel, thus fueling late night reading and an associate dependency to reading with coffee until I worked out what was what, I enjoyed this book under its own merits.

The historical reference to the ‘birth’ of the coffee industry echoed a lot of other emerging business models of the time. The invention of stock piling and other trade floor techniques stood out as the heartily researched bit whilst the passage through Africa into the jungles of Ethiopia tugged at some enlightening anthropological references. The love (and lust) story explored was quite faux at times but it did help the story meander an move in some captivating directions.

The suffragette movement was also a fore runner in the many themes jostling for space as the lead story which I have to say was quite fascinating.

Ended up going away last weekend. Felix and Jay were at cub camp and our friends offered to take Sophie for the weekend so Eirene and I could have a weekend on our own. This was lovely. We spent a night in Sheffield (after dropping the boys off at nearby). On Saturday we went to Nottingham and checked into the Cowne Plaza. Nice, but very small on the room front. Good pool etc. Had a lovely meal at Bistro Pierre – highly recommended lunch menu. Supped a bottle of wine and had a lovely time. After a bit of a swim, sauna and snooze combo we went our for drinks and eats. Nice ‘vibrant’ place.

Also found my 200th geocache! Still busy busy busy – hence the rushed, off the cuff with no editing tone of this multi faceted blog!

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