I’ll look back on this chunk of my life and sum it up in a single word – ‘busy’. It has been. Since the 8th (!) of October (my last blog) we’ve done all sorts. A gig, party, work, walk, several nice meals, couple of films and a couple of books.

Film of note – ‘Together’. This subtitled world cinema film depicts a bunch of neo hippies living in a middle class commune in Stockholm Circa 1975.

Several portraits of social misfits intertwined into a humorous ‘bitter sweet’ story of love, political ideology (or the proffering of its theory at least), and, well, living together with other people in platonic, maternal, intimate, annoyed relationships as well as lots of other formats besides. A thinking mans chick flick.

Book of note – ‘The Shipping News’ by Annie Proloux. The first reason I was drawn to this book was its title. For reasons unknown, I’m a fan of Radio 4 LW’s (unrelated) shipping forecast, even when it interrupts the cricket. The second thing I noticed that it’s a Pulitzer Prize winner. The wood effect jacket tipped it over the edge (I usually do judge a book by its cover), making me buy the first book I’ve obtained from a book shop in ages (having used the ‘free Amazon’ (public library order service) for the past year or two).

What a cracking bit of literature it was. Set in Newfoundland a family unit heads up to start a new life. As I’ve become a bit of a nautical geek recently, I was fascinated with some of the ship descriptions therein, as a National Geographic subscriber, I was fascinated with the landscapes, the changing seasons, the places, As a family man, my heart was warmed by the community spirit and the depth of character portrayed. The backwater lifestyles, the history and traditions were utterly compelling.

This was truly one of those books that pretty much as soon as I started reading it, I felt the sad pang of knowing that I would soon be finished. A worth read, and a great gift.

Right – back to being busy. Felix’s birthday tomorrow!

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