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Fire Xmas 09

FIRE Christmas Bash ’09 photo set, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Just uploaded the photos from the FIRE Christmas bash of last Sunday. What a fantastico night it was. I love that venue and the crowd seems to like it as well! Top show from the venue organizing it so that we didn’t have to charge on the door – allowing… Read more →

FIRE Christmas bash

FIRE Christmas bash, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. That’s the FIRE line up sorted – Really looking forward to it. Two rooms of fun – yes, you can get on the guest list!


Sophie inc., originally uploaded by DragonDrop. We have all been ill at Dragondrop. I feared the worst on Friday and hit the panic button with Sophie as she was showing Swine Flu symptoms but turned out to be a B list flu. We all had a go on it over the course of the last 6 days. Not much fun…. Read more →

I have got a huge reading list at the mo…

I have got a huge reading list to plough through at the moment. Good for when (like now) insomnia rears its annoying head. Currently on with 'Moby Dick'. This is (so far, up to chapter 4) a great read and a deservedly proud holder of the 'all time classic' title.Just had an email from the free Amazon (or public lending… Read more →