Fire Xmas 09

Just uploaded the photos from the FIRE Christmas bash of last Sunday. What a fantastico night it was. I love that venue and the crowd seems to like it as well! Top show from the venue organizing it so that we didn’t have to charge on the door – allowing us to collect loads of dosh for OXFAM instead. Thanks y’all!

Superb on the music front. I thought the freeflow jam with Dalmation Kebab up front worked really well, blending into my set (brazilian stuff and percussion) into Cloudbass’s stuff into Dharma’s stuff (which was knock out in association with The Juice Loose Horns brass trumping over the top). Christopher Xtopher’s (“Christopher Crosstopher’s”) set was something else. I like the fact that that man travells the globe as a musical journalist. He picks up vibes and tunes on the way treating the last two FIRE party punters to a refinement of the afore mentioned. Johnny Kendall stood on a stool to play his brilliant set giving him a birds eye view of a room of people with massive grins on their heads loving the night.

Upstairs the texture was totally different – breaks and mashed up stuff introduced by a down and dirty funk set from Mr Leadbetter followed up by a live and DJ set from the mighty 601 who have not played a gig in Harrogate for 9 years. Crowned by FIRE old favorite Si Hudson who mashed up the room with his scratched breaks and drum and bass. Stonking fun. 42 photos here.

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