I have got a huge reading list at the mo…

I have got a huge reading list to plough through at the moment. Good for when (like now) insomnia rears its annoying head.
Currently on with 'Moby Dick'. This is (so far, up to chapter 4) a great read and a deservedly proud holder of the 'all time classic' title.
Just had an email from the free Amazon (or public lending library, as its also called) telling me that 'Lord Hornblower' is ready for me to collect. This book is the penultimate in (9/10 ish ) the Horatio Hornblower series. What an unexpectedly brilliant journey its been. A brilliant, intelligent and very human character who's British Naval career is tracked from Midshipman through to Lord, around the time Bonaparte was attempting to take over the Northern Hemisphere (who, if it hadn't of been for the likes of Hornblower and the Navy we had at the time, probably would of succeeded.)
Also lined up to read, 'Netherland' (started, pretty good so far telling a tale of a stranded in New York Dutch cricketer.) , 'Pies and Prejudice' – also started – a satirical view of the north of England, its semi sequel 'Cider with Roadies' both by all round interesting guy Stuart Macone.  To finish off with I've got 'The Road' and another book by Cormac McCarthy. Hoping these are as good as the reputation which precedes them.
I suppose I'd better get cracking really…

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