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Orf line

So its been over a week that dragondrop has been off line. It feels odd. Writing this blog to ‘nobody’. I have always thought of dragondrop audience as an entity, an amalgamated body who I am related to, who I don’t know at all. Who I’m close friends with, yet I’ve never met. A client, a prospect, a hero an… Read more →


I’ve recently finished reading the Horatio Hornblower books by C.S.Forester. 11 books indispersed around all the other books I’ve read over the last 6 months. After a while I realised I was addicted to a finite resource so I spread them amongst other reading. The series following the life of a Royal Naval officer from the late 1700’s to the… Read more →

Head in the clouds?

little man zapped II, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Cloud computing sounds partially dull, partially too techy to be interesting but it’s another thing that’s made my life easier. It’s all about having all the info I need wherever I am. A lot of my personal data is stored in the Google cloud. For instance, all of my contacts are centralised… Read more →