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So its been over a week that dragondrop has been off line. It feels odd. Writing this blog to ‘nobody’. I have always thought of dragondrop audience as an entity, an amalgamated body who I am related to, who I don’t know at all. Who I’m close friends with, yet I’ve never met. A client, a prospect, a hero an enemy, me, you everybody.

I started blogging in 2002. Back then nobody knew what a blog was now everyone is a Blogger (of sorts – Facebook et al). Whist dragondrop is offline I have thought about using the time for a period of reflection. It’s been quite startling (and heartwarming) some of the concerns from all over the world I have had relating to the vanishing act dragondrop has gone through.

Whilst I think of the dragondrop audience as many things I also think of dragondrop.org itself as an entity. It’s been everywhere with me. I have shared so many thoughts and ideas over the years with it that I genuinely do miss it and am pining for it.

I won’t go into the why of dragondrop.org offline but I will say I am aiming to get it back up towards the end of march. Till then I have a temporary version at http://dragondropdrop.blogspot.com

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