We’re into spring now. No more driving home in the dark. I can now relax the strict ‘shut the door’ policy of our front room. Going out without your coat weather is just around the corner.
We have had a ‘proper’ winter this year. Snow, lots of snow at Christmas time. It has been a lovely winter. I normally don’t care much for the colder, darker end of the seasons but I’ve actually quite liked it this year.
Another year goes by and I think “I’m getting more and more in touch with the changing of the seasons”. I’m noticing things flowering, waddling and budding at this time of year more. Looking back through prior years, its quite incredible to see the difference the next 30 days can make.Right now, just into March, we’ve still got the odd stubborn patch of snow visible on high ground yet within 30 days we could have T-Shirt weather. DragonDrop T-Shirt weather at that.

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