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(Arrgh factor 10) So I’ve had a major problem with One of those compounded problems that cost time effort and money to fix. One of those problems that seemed to be two steps forward, one step back. I’m on the right road to fixing it though. Apart from billing problems whereby the company I thought was holding it wasn’t – meaning I had an email out of the blue saying “Excuse me, you owe me 4 years hosting”. Another problem whereby the server it was on (called Palmer) died, taking with it a big bunch of the DragonDrop files with it. On top of all that, Blogger who I’ve been friends with for years and years, now owned by google has announced that they are no longer supporting FTP publishing so I’ve got to re think the way it all works..
Every cloud has a silver lining. . .
This all ties in with a thought that I’d wanted to rip it to bits and put it back together again – which is what I’m doing.

I’m getting a fresh batch of T-Shirts printed, ready for you lot and I to take on adventures. I’m hoping to look at DragonDrop and work out what it is and what I want to do with it. It’s got something to do with Adventure but I’m not quite sure what yet. One thing I do know is that it may be down, but it’s not out. Thanks for your patience!

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  1. stu
    stu at |

    Welcome back!

  2. daren
    daren at |

    keep calm and carry on Captain.
    Your blog has undergone a contextual mid-life crisis. This is a necessary thing if the things concerned are to grow. (n stuff). All things happen for a reason. The universe moves in ever increasing mysterious ways, yes she does.

    [insert other gems of armchair philosophy here]

  3. Vapourtrail
    Vapourtrail at |

    It'll be worth the effort and the wait I am sure. Prod. P……rod.

  4. Tribal Ali
    Tribal Ali at |

    Hurrahhh!!! Glad all is up and running again me dear…and we love the newby pics this year…shame we couldnt be there (will skip the punctuation by the way…its a Japanese keyboard and a pain in the butt) to join in the woodland fun! Boooooo!!! Looked great tho, everyone looks fab.

    wowww….Eirene, your hair has grown a bit hasnt it….how are you coping with that half grown out pissy stage? lol. Not the only thing that has grown a bit….Sofi-pudding has shot up too!

    We are in Tokyo, house sitting at the mo for a week, and loving doing sweet F.A. Its wonderful to travel lots, but you get pretty tired after a year….but i am still taking the dragon-drop T-shirt pics. Have to say…next time, can I have a light-weight material skinny-rib girls top please? lol

    Welcome back matie….


    Ali & Marcus


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