Newby Hall – the last one

On Monday after a stint of 7 years, Anima Mundi completed the last ever annual “Newby Hall Easter Fun Day”. The event set in the estate of Newby Hall focussed on family entertainment through arts of all shapes and sizes. It has been a DragonDrop calendar entry for most of the 7 years (we’ve done 6 I think).

One of the stalwart parts of the event (and this years was no exception) have been the woodland walk. This year, the theme was ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Some fantastic characters (photos to follow) brightened up the (at this time of the year) dreary woods.
One year I took over managing the whole thing as Fraser, the usual governor went to a wedding in Gambia. It rained none stop this day! It was still a blast. This year we had all weather – sun, rain, wind and hail. We’ve had snow in the past though so ‘could be worse’!
We’ll miss doing Newby. So many fond memories and the community of people involved – some for just one year, some for more are all pretty special.
The after show party, which started on Tuesday night (and could still be going on at this very moment) was lovely. Next year, Tinananan suggested that she was going to stay in bed all day and eat chocolate instead. Sounds like a plan!

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