Hung Parliament?

I don’t like the sound of a hung parliament. So, what do we do now? Ask the two bigger boys to share? I know from experience (with my 11 year old and 8 year old boys) that such a plan can end in a disaster. What typically happens is a lot of energy goes into appealing who should have the right to it, who deserves it and who really should have it as a first round. Then, when a compromise is brokered through an independent (ie, myself or my wife) a further round of appeals breaks out which involves digging the dirty on the Shadow party, back stabbing, appealing and generally doing anything possible to gain power. Meanwhile the brother in power will be proffering analysis of this being an example of why, given the way the other party is behaving, it is best for everyone that he should be ‘the toy keeper’.

Meanwhile, their little sister is is playing quite happily in a quiet corner with the toy.

After a while, all creative energy is burned and the toy is discarded.

I really hope it’s not a case of “for brother and sister, read parliamentary candidates, for toy, read country.”

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