The superbosity of VOTE FIRE

The superbosity of VOTE FIRE was champion-o-rama. It was busy from the outset – a few things were happening in town but not as much competition as there has been recently – before too long our spies were reporting that FIRE was the best atmosphere / party / vibe. The stickers were rather amusing. 3 cars, 2 vans, several hundred people and I believe some other bits and bobs – REHAB (the super doper venue) will be finding stickers for weeks on end I’m sure.

The music was tip top – only let down was a no show from Immy from Leeds. Hmm. Non the less, Dharma stepped into the breach and doubled his set which was great. He played on after cloudbass’s daftpunk vibed set, who played on after my down tempo/breaks/jazz/funk/brazil/groove type set – based around some of these tunes). I did a lot of conga bashing during Dharmas set – sounded fair good and we got the party whipped up like a good un ready for Karl Chaos n Johnny Kendal to step up and do an awesome back-to-back min / tech / deep collection.

We’d been lucky enough to have all of our little people staying at friends for the night so we had a bit of an after party at Chez DragonDrop. Lit a fire bin with the noisiest, smokiest wood in the northern hemisphere (er, sorry neighbours!). And finished off a bottle or three of varying beverages.

Next day, chilling, reading, watched Avatar (blummin good) and then went a de rigged I felt the pain then but it was worth it! Thanks all for coming. See you next time! (Prob end of this month – next BH – stand by for further intel!)

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