Big Beats are the best

For some reason, the last two FIRE parties have borne the above mantra.

Having thought that the VOTE fire edition was incredible, I was secretly worried that this would not come close, but it did. Musically I kicked off the night with some down tempo / lounge / Latin type stuff – which people seemed to (gulp – dare I say) like. By 10 the bar was buzzing and smilling, drinking and chatting. Dharma took the musical helm at 11 and played a superb house / funk type vibe for a couple of hours, then into the legendary set of Archio Banquarta who rocked the joint. Wrapping up the night – the freshly named K2 Brothers went with a deep tech set. Meanwhile Blake was playing upstairs – He’d been briefed on doing a Dub / Reggae / Babylon and ting type set but ended up playing Balkan Gypsy set. I liked what I heard – he also played out a couple of tracks that himself and good friend Vicky had made – sounded superb. It was pretty rammed upstairs as well as downstairs all night, till about 3 ish anyway before the aircon blew upstairs (it’s no good cap’n, they cannie take it) flooding water into the top bar, rendering it unpunterable.

The look of the place was at another level as well – along with the acre of red and yellow material donning the roofs (that we blagged from someone who blagged it from someone who took it off the top of the millennium dome) we were also blessed with two screens, one of which I’d put a couple hundred vintage FIRE PHOTOS on there, the other screen Si Hudson did a superb VJ set upon.

Thanks to everyone involved – the artists, the performers, the staff and everyone who brought smiled and dancing shoes.

Photos to follow (soon!)

Next FIRE – 31st July : FIRE v Bottom Of The Bottle @ REHAB

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