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Went to see Field Music at the Harrogate Theatre last night. Such a polished act. Thousands of hours worth of practice boiled down into an hour or so.  Interchangeable drummer / lead vocalist / keyboard kept things very interesting.

The two support acts were very good as well. Simon Wainwright from Hope & Social did an acoustic / unplugged set. Nice stuff – great voice. He demonstrated just how good the acoustics are of The Theatre’s main stage by doing a song  sans PA. He also give everyone a kazoo to emulate what is normally his brass line – an interesting experiment!

2×2 twins from Ripon called The Weeknights were the surprise highlight for me.  Young lads but they don’t sound it. The fact that they are so in tune with each other as twins really came across in their highly original almost Fleet Foxes / Sigur Ros sound.

It’s a while since I’ve been to a music gig in theatre – not since the (good ‘ol) Theatre Music Party days – where everyone who could play, played. The entire creative community of Harrogate got together for a one day celebration of just how good we are. It really was the flagship event in Harrogate’s rich musical calendar. Perhaps this Fringe Crawl day tomorrow will take over where that left off?  Hope so.

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  1. Dave Bullough
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    Those theatre all day music festivals were amazing. I have many fond memories, notably watching Star (used to be Kinkystick?) in the Stalls with my sneaky pint (I must have only been 16). Top.

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