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New Amplifier

Amps. The once ubiquitous stallwart of any electrical store now seem to be on the ‘close to extinction’ list. Nowhere in Harrogate could you walk in off the street to buy a straight home entertainment audio amp.   A week or so ago, I had the notion to set up a ‘proper’ music system that we’d had gathering dust in… Read more →

On a ferry

Just a very quick blog – my first (I think) from a ferry. We are between Wales and Ireland at the moment. Superb adventure so far. Looking forward to Ireland. right – less that 1 min credit left! ttfn.

FIRE half century

FIRE half century

FIRE 50 photo set on flickr What an innings. x 50 FIRE parties. Officially half centurions. I am the only person who has attended every minute of all of them (Allan nearly has, but he had to chip off early from one a few years ago as his better half went into labor – pathetic excuse if you ask me.)… Read more →