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  1. McParty
    McParty at |

    We [my family] used to take me camping all te time – My borther and sister loved it as much as I. It’s great to see others doing the same… We had great adventures like “frogs in tents” in a particularly rainy scotland. Not to mention the infamous “Getting Lost” walks we used to do and my favourite “My brother falling off hi bike in t a boggy ditch”.
    Endless happy memories the kids will look back on in future years.

  2. Ben
    Ben at |

    Was hoping for a ‘cooking frozen pizza on a camping stove’ masterclass.

    Anyway, nice blag with the lounge – Sounds like a winning holiday.

  3. Robert Linthicum
    Robert Linthicum at |

    Great story, thanks. Regarding the caravans being lined up tight, imagine what it must have been like in the early days of anarchical, carefree caravaning: Just pull alongside any beautiful lake, and Bob’s your uncle . . .

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