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Pre bedtime snapshot

Felix is playing the piano a couple of feet away from me very loudly. Sophie is showing off her new shoes and enquiring if that’s the last bit. Jaygo is now shouting something from upstairs. Eirene is washing something in the kitchen. I’m putting Sophie to bed is the fresh topic. Sophie has decided that “Da, First I’ll be with… Read more →

Birthday booty

A stupendously good birthday weekend I’ve just had. Big thanks to everyone! I got a really good pile of ace gifts. My main prezzy was a Phillips NP1100 network player / internet radio player. Radio from all over the world through. Been having fun with that. Hooked up to the hi fi / don’t have to have the computer on…. Read more →



These a very cool if not utterly uncool in a sad geek way (a stigma I’ve learned to live with). I don’t care. I want one. If I wear it all day something worthwhile is bound to happens – where upon I’ll hit a button and it saves the last 30 seconds. The (so far) ultimate avoidance of the “I… Read more →


Harrogate, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. We were lucky enough to be allowed up “Harlow Hill Tower” the other day, a purpose built astronomical observatory. It’s Harrogate’s highest point – 700ft above sea level and it boast incredible views in all directions – up Nidderdale in one direction and The Vale of York with York Minster visible on a good day,… Read more →

First Day

Big day today for the DragonDroplets. Felix’s first day at big school (St. Aidan’s) and Sophie’s first day at primary school (Grove Road Harrogate). Just watching Felix set off on his bike now on his big solo adventure out of the window as I type this. Mama stuffing last minute things into his ruck sack. He does look really grown… Read more →