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  1. Ben
    Ben at |

    Pictures or it doesn’t exist!

    Having a neck that’s as wide as my head I need a buffer of hair to let people know that I possess both. Therefore I go for the electric beard trimmer. At ‘0’ it gives the appearance of a clean(ish) shave and if you go up to ‘4’ you look like like Grizzly Adams on his way to a job interview.

    It’s easy, versatile and perfect for the lazy shaver.

  2. Steve Toase
    Steve Toase at |

    I started using a gillette which takes proper disposable blades, however for the last six months I have been using a proper straight razor. It has been the best investment I have made. Expensive outlay, but so much better, and environmentally friendly 😉
    Whatever you choose to shave with buy this book
    It is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone

  3. Steve Toase
    Steve Toase at |

    Get the book I mentioned. It is a good beginners guide. I have got a strop (Insert own joke here) and use Wilkinson’s shaving soap and brush.
    The book recommends either a Solingen Dovo or a Thiers-Issard. But mine is cheaper, a present and works well. Going back to A Sharp Practice it has some very good advice, and points out that taking time over a shave gives a man time to himself. Re. cost I could easily pay about eight pound for a pack of Sensor Excel blades. In a year you could easily buy a nice Dovo.

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