Birthday booty

A stupendously good birthday weekend I’ve just had. Big thanks to everyone!

I got a really good pile of ace gifts. My main prezzy was a Phillips NP1100 network player / internet radio player. Radio from all over the world through. Been having fun with that. Hooked up to the hi fi / don’t have to have the computer on. Lots of Triple J, lots of radio 6 and the odd smattering of Soma FM, some Bolivian radio and good old radio 4 have been the hot spots. It also does podcasts and can hook up the mp3 files on a computer to the stereo.  High tech old tech.

Some of my other notable gifts were Bill Bryson’s “Shakespear” illustrated edition,  which I’m loving so far. After my recent bard epiphany Shakespeare has been a source of mild fascination. He was a slippery fish in his day – not much in the way of hard fact about who he really was.. Bryson’s book is pulling it all together in a brilliant way so far.

I also got a CD – Röyksopp ‘Senior’. A beautiful album that having listened to it on spotify, I wanted the ultimate quality version (CD original) so I could enjoy it in all it’s subtle glory. I was semi impressed with its counterpart ‘Junior’ form last year but something about this album really caught me. Quite magical, a bit dark and trippy. Fairly down tempo. Nice.

I also got some limited edition starwars prints that I’m told Lucas served a cease and desist order on them last week so they are now even more geek sheek.

I also got a “Virtual Baloon”. A charity fund-raiser of an idea by the Police Treatment Centres fund.  I get to design a balloon which on November the 5th, along with all the other particpants are virtually set off.  Mathematical modelling (based on meteorological and baloon variables) will decide where the balloons goes and the one to travel furthest wins. stay tooned for more on this.

I also got 10 sky lanterns who’s flight path is also goverend by meteorological variables. To wash it all down with, I got a chocolate cake made from marrow and courgette, a really nice bottle of  red and a bottle of Żubrówka vodka.

Should keep me entertained for a while!

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