These a very cool if not utterly uncool in a sad geek way (a stigma I’ve learned to live with). I don’t care. I want one. If I wear it all day something worthwhile is bound to happens – where upon I’ll hit a button and it saves the last 30 seconds. The (so far) ultimate avoidance of the “I wish I’d caught that on camera” moment. Bluetooth connection to my android phone allows me to remote control it, view it, share the video and images it records straight away here on Dragondrop, flickr, facebook, et al.  It can all be controled from a handy app on my Android phone. No iPhone users – they DON’T have an app for that.

It also works like a standard bluetooth headset so you can make calls hands free. I think I know what I want for Christmas now.. more info : http://www.looxcie.com/

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    I want! I want! Mine mine mine!

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    […] for the birth of dragondrop.org in 2000. I’ve wowed and marveled about things like the Looxcie and more recently Google Glass but the difference here is that it’s always on (unless you […]

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