Harrogate to Rawtenstall to Tiptree

Jaygo eats a well needed snag sarney after his night on a train..

Felix’s birthday today and we’ve set off on an adventure.

Quite unorthodox for me to display a non birthdayee on a birthday blog – but we were up and out before the usual prezzies in bed tradition this morning. After Felix’s close buddies came over for a ‘sleep’ over last night (where we went to be before him for the first time ever). Jaygo and his cub pack were on a sleep over themselves on a real life steam train called The Tornado. A very sweet little station in a corner of Lancashire I’d not been to before called Rawtenstall – where the station and all it’s contents are stuck somewhere around 1940 (More photos to follow). There is something very special about seeing a steam train chuff into a station.

From there we headed straight down to our current location – near Tiptree in Essex where we intend to explore for the next week. Hoped to chuck up some more photos but technical gremlins say no at the moment.

Right – I’m off to research some stuff and drink red wine.

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