Salsa Verde

Had a very peaceful weekend. It seems that the ratio of peaceful verses full on / party hard weekends is tipping in the favour of peace at the moment. Very nice. Spent the weekend hanging, chillaxing, and not feeling disappointed at all that it was tipping it down. We were beached indoors and I was cooking.

Did a beef in Timothy Taylors Landlord strew with spuds and fluffy dumplings on Saturday. That was pretty good. Didn’t do much else apart from potter about, listen to a lot of 6music and then watched some LOST season 6 on DVD.

Sunday, the main event was me getting together a superb looking recipe. Lamp Rumps on a bed of thyme roast butternut squash and spinach with a dollop of home made salsa verde. I pretty much copied this recipe verbatim : after watching it on Saturday Kitchem / iPlayer on Saturday morning. Massively brilliant and everyone loved it. The only tweek I’d do next time would be to make the green sauce / salsa verde the day before and put more mint in it. I’d not heard of salsa verde before and discovered there seems to be two strains – a Mexican one with chilli and tomoato and an Italian one with fresh parsley, anchovy, olive oil, dijon mustard and kapers (the version I did also had mint, marjoram and rocket). There was more than we needed, and so I put the rest in a jar to discover after 24 hours the taste was way better than on day one, and that it goes well with cheese, fresh bread and tomato.

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