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Sophie painted this lovely picture of herself at school.  I snapped it when we went to visit her teacher for a parents evening. It sounds like she’s doing really well in her first term at Grove Road. One of the many things that were pointed out by her wonderful teacher was that she knows what she wants. Interesting. Some kids aren’t that sure what to do next when given a choice but our Pi does.

We also had a meet with Jaygo’s teacher. It was first time I’d met him. Jaygo is responding really well to a male teacher and he’s trying really hard by the sound of things. He’s been doing some brilliant sounding activity – including the recording of a podcast. I’ve asked for a copy – in order for it to be a fully fledged podcast, one could argue that it’s got to be published, online. – a suitable vehicle for said activity I’d have thought – stay tooned on that one.. Could it be the birth of a broadcasting career for the lad?

Quite an interesting re visit to his old school for Felix. He was lucky enough to catch the headmaster for a bit of a chat about how things are going. Quite a philosophical meeting of minds – discussion of progression and life changes. Mr W, his ex headmaster has been such a great influence on my boy and you could see something in both of them where Felix was full of respect and admiration and Mr W seemed proud of one of his, that’s flown his particular nest.

It is our tradition, after a good parents evening (generally defined as whereby they have been trying hard / trying their best) to get a Chinese takeaway which we duelly did. Prawn Cracker anyone?

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