West Mersea

Stunning day today. The weather was amazing. We headed for the an island called Mersia – because I’d read about “The Oyster Bar” there.  We arrived a short while before it opened so decided to go for a walk along the beach. A very picturesque beach on a day like today – hundreds of little beach huts.

– all painted a different colour streatching as far as the eye can see. Ver quiet this time of year – quite surreal in fact – they were all boarded up for the winter but due to the bright weather looked like they should have been populated. The few that were open aforded me a nosey glimps into a whole new world. The ones that I saw the inside off were decked out like micro suburban dwellings. Pictures on the walls, sideboards, that sort of thing.There were in places row upon row of the things – sometimes 4 deep heading out from the shore. I’m wondering if this density of huts is a rarity or if it is to do with it’s proximity to London and the notion that it would be possible for a London dweller to get to his hut easily by lunchtime. Very photogenic though – more photos to follow. Only downside to that part of the day was the people. A bit uppity may be the word – Eirene said a friendly hello to a hut we were passing and got the v’s flicked at us! I tried a hello out myself to a hut dweller. Gaze averted, return hello denied.  Saw one hut for sale for £23,000. Love the idea of a hut – perhaps not there though. In fact – I think I’d prefer my hut to have wheels and an engine.

From there we headed out to The Oyster Bar. Superb. For fish fans like ourselves places like this are a proper treat. Wish we’d sat outside now as the weather was stunning but the kids wanted inside sittage. Inside was lovely though. A big hut basically with kitchens on display. Helpful friendly staff and great menu and specials board. We started with the Native Colchester Oyster. These converted me from a non plus oyster eater to a bonafide fan of the things within seconds.  I tried one with lemon, one with chilli Tabasco and one with shredded onion. All incredible. The lightness and delicateness of taste and texture could really be appreciated. For main,  Eirene and I had a seafood platter for two whilst the kids had a huge (for a kids portion) plate of fish and chips each. Our seafood platter was so big that we had to call in Jaygo to help us finish it off. I think if we ever went back, I’d like just a shed load of oysters and a bottle of champaign. Yes, that would be a winning combo me thinks.

Lovely day, wrapped up by a friend popping over from London for dinner with us this evening. Tomorrow – depends on the weather but more adventures ahoy!

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