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Can you draw the internet?

Can you draw the internet?

Saint London are asking the question – Can you draw the internet? They’ve crafted an experiment in the form of a website where they are trying to work out who the more imaginative is – the creative industry or a bunch of 10 years olds. I thought I’d give it a go and here’s what I came up with: Have… Read more →

Commuting sometimes sucks

My standard (condensed) commute. Yesterday was different. Yesterday was perhaps the worst commute I’ve experienced in a long time. An adventure of sorts, but certainly not an enjoyable one. My often beautiful drive across The Yorkshire Dales from Harrogate to Earby, was mired with multiple instances of horridness. Horizontal rain denied any natural beauty to make its way through my… Read more →

I ate this

Wrapping up Felix’s birthday week I made a Matt Spesh once we’d got home and settled back in for a day. One of the most viewed pictures I’ve ever taken (largely due to the fact that flickr blog used it) was of a very similar scene. My fryups are world famous.