Commuting sometimes sucks

My standard (condensed) commute. Yesterday was different.

Yesterday was perhaps the worst commute I’ve experienced in a long time. An adventure of sorts, but certainly not an enjoyable one. My often beautiful drive across The Yorkshire Dales from Harrogate to Earby, was mired with multiple instances of horridness. Horizontal rain denied any natural beauty to make its way through my windscreen. The stand-in DJ on my normal radio station was playing cheese ridden, dull pop of which the only thing of note was how it complemented his charisma free style of presenting. A main road was blocked, the alternative was a choice of two bumper to bumber routes (of which I chose the wrong one). Just as I was nearing my destination an hour or so after the original ETA, my previously snagged but steadfast rear bumper decided to rip off in approximately the most inconvenient place it could have done so. I managed to position my car next to a deep puddle, efficiently rendering myself soaking wet as the cars and trucks thundered by. Top top it all off I cut my hand whilst wrestling my expensive bits of worthless plastic into the boot.

The only solace I’ve got is that it could have been worse. I could have been the poor chap who caused the road block and who later lost the fight for his life in Airedale Hospital. It made me think when I heard that, this morning, that we should take stock of our gripes sometimes and consider the alternatives. We’re really not doing too badly at all. Some people do like a good moan. Some people do complain bitterly about their lot and the state of the nation but at least we’ve got clean drinking water and access to a health care system, a half decent infrastructure, free education, free world class libraries (which as so under utilised) and at least the potential to create a disposable income. Some folk in this world don’t have any of the above and would probably still consider themselves luckier than some.

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  1. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    I heartily concur.

    The same morning, my wife had an ‘incident’ were she stepped on a slug… better to be the one with the gooey foot.

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