FIRE : Boxing Day 2010 – timelapse

Here’s a A time lapse of set up, mid party and last orders from our boxing day extravaganza party. It was officially a good laugh. We had two floors – this being the downstairs party. Superb music from the DJs, brass and percussionists, top atmosphere. Upstairs was also super good – a bit more laid back musically, but still a top vibe. I really, REALLY enjoyed playing my first proper set upstairs (I’ve done the first hour at FIRE for ages now, but have never braved a serious, middle of the night set)

I thought the 3D bit, on reflection was a bit of a failed experiment (and quite an expensive one at that!) but non the less, worth a go! Everything looked amazing in 2D vision as well as 3D.

Dunno when the next one will be – no plans as yet. The run up to this one was one of the most flat out weeks I’ve had in a long time. As well as a full time job and life full of Christmas plans, I’d had some extra bits to do as well – it’s nice to be the other side of it all now and things are calming down. Need some serious downtime soon!

Had a lovely Christmas day, blessed with some lovely people, super food (that I loved cooking) and some great gifts, including an Amazon Kindle.. which I’m currently craving a few hours to find a cosy corner and read with.

Anyhoo – back at work now – on lunch. Toad in the Hole of Fish n Chips?

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