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Sophie opens a gift

I took this photo on Christmas morning… Exactly 4 years ago I took a very similar photo… It’s amazing how much and how little changes with the passing of time. Sophie has grown up so much yet she’s still got this adorable little quiet smile that make me melt a little bit. Christmas was lovely. Lovely food and drink, company… Read more →

Christmas Eve

A colour combo I spotted outside our house earlier Twas the night before Christmas, well the day at least. I’ve had the busiest period at work I’ve had in a long time – huge deadline – nailed. It’s held off the ‘Christmas feeling’ for me, but today – it’s upon us. We’ve got Eirene’s dad over for Christmas (lovely). Went… Read more →

Jo Rigatoni

Went to Jo Rigatoni’s restaurant in Harrogate last night. An old favorite. It’s the most family friendly grown up restaurant we know. Top notch food and service. I was teaching Jaygo how to do the ‘catching the waiters eye, without making yourself look rude or like there’s something wrong with you’ trick. Very attentive staff – an ideal learning ground… Read more →


A day to remember. As we park our paper poppies on our lapels it’s a time to remember those before us who sacrificed so much so that we have what we have today. (It’s at times like this that) I personally feel utterly fortunate to be alive today, and to be living a life in all probability more comfortable than… Read more →

All Hallows Eve (eve)

 Yesterday we went for a beautiful sunset kissed walk round John O Gaunt’s Castle, near Harrogate with some friends of ours and their Polish Mountain Dog.  An unseasonably mild afternoon where the reservoir was like glass and the golden light of the first day of winter clock’s sunset was incredible. It’s now Halloween. All Hallows Eve. Hallow be the word… Read more →

One of those blogs.

Nothing much to report since my last post really. This particular post was inspired by looking at other blogs and thinking, I’ve not blogged about nothing in particular for a while. Maybe it’s a blogger thing. Looking back over the past wee while, dragondrop has been somewhat of a review site. Somewhat de personalised views of the outside world. Observations…. Read more →