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Keyboard free blogging experiment

So I’m sat round out our friends are invited round the dinner and I was handed a device called and Ipad with I was playing later noticed there was a thing on it called dragon diction which is what I’m using now to hopefully dictate this blog and then once recorded it will transcribe my words into actual text file… Read more →

New Adventure Shirt Shot

2010 was quite a ‘slow’ year on the DragonDrop Adventure Shirt shot submissions front – hoping to get some more soon –  3 VERY exciting early 2011 planned adventures have recently been brought to my attention though. New T-Shirts, currently being dispatched accordingly. If you’ve got an adventure planned – let me know – you may be eligible for a free T-Shirt!… Read more →


cake, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. We attended a 90th Birthday party last weekend. Eirene’s nana – who was 90 years young. Happy Birthday! Lovely evening / day / evening at Shrigley Hall near Manchester. View a photo slide-show of the celebration» View the album»

Happy New Year

Just a quick post for now – what a stunning new year! ended up getting a last minute cottage and sharing some quality time with some quality friends. Photos and write up to follow. Been either flat out or off the grid since new years. Got more business to follow for the next few days. Chucked a few photos up… Read more →