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Busy weekend

Lots going on this weekend that was a range of fun. Eirene and I went to see Mark Thomas on Friday night at the Harrogate Theatre. Very good. Funny and fascinating, poignant and passionate. He’s been on a walk around The West Bank the wall / fence between Palestine and Israel. The situation out there has been terrible for years and although… Read more →

Drawing and Painting by Sophie Pi

Sophie’s drawing and painting

Sophie (aged four and eleven twelfths) just made made this using a google chrome app called Harmony. We think it’s rather splendid. The artist goes on to say “Yes. I made it by my own but my brother helped me”



I’ve just had one of my photos curated / collated as part of a gallery called “the great outdoors” A nicely put together collections  that’s just reminded me about the old friend I’ve been missing recently called The Great Outdoors. (mine is a photo called ‘brothers‘ and appears third in the collection as it currently stands)

Conor at CERN

Conor at CERN

Conor at the door to The Large Hadron Collider, CERN, Geneva March 2011 Man of science, good friend of DragonDrop Conor visited CERN and took a DragonDrop Adventure T with him. This is him stood outside the door to The Large Hadron Collider (LHC). That blue box in the background is THE Iris scanner that inspired Dan Brown in his book… Read more →

:( Site Down. Back now :)

For a large part of the 3rd March, until around 0413GMT this morning, DragonDrop was down. A router had popped in London apparently knocking this (and a whole bunch of other websites) off line for most of Thursday 3rd March. It’s back up now though. Yay / Woopla.