Busy weekend

Lots going on this weekend that was a range of fun. Eirene and I went to see Mark Thomas on Friday night at the Harrogate Theatre. Very good. Funny and fascinating, poignant and passionate. He’s been on a walk around The West Bank the wall / fence between Palestine and Israel. The situation out there has been terrible for years and although we get to see the big events on the news curtailing to the ongoing conflict, we don’t get to see much of the day to day human side of things. His talk took us on a journey though gunpoint situations, horrible human hardships and a zoo with a psychedelic giraffe. Hats off to that man. He’s a really admirable chap. Eirene and I were lucky enough to meet him a few years ago briefly when he told us about the yet be widely broadcast news of his baby on its way.

Saturday – Had a bit of a poorly Jaygo and didn’t end up doing a lot of outdoor activity as planned but Saturday night, I had a bunch of friends over and worked on some design stuff. Got proper into it which was nice. Ended up being a late one.

Sunday saw us splatting around a lot. I went out a shot a few photos and picked up a rack of lamb for tea. I made a batch of salsa verde and pottered around on the design project I’d been on the night before.

It was nice to get a bit of bright warm stuff going on outside – long may it continue!

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