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  1. Getty
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    It’s for a TV shoot – probably an ITV production. BASE will refer to the main base for the crew and the LOC the location they’re filming at. They deliberately keep them cryptic to stop the public turning up and gawking. I suspect the prog’s initials are SQUID.

    Follow the LOC signs and see what’s happening, Matt!

  2. pM
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    @dragondrop sounds like classic (but rare) negative casualty reality loop. By observing the phenomena you’ve altered the resulting timeline.

    Alternatively and more rationally, the only thing I can find that Is relevant is a squidoo lens about gargrave, malham and area.

    Getty’s idea also sounds like it holds water (bdtssh!).

  3. pM
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    Interestingly (coincidentally) SQUID is also an acronym for some Sensitive QUantum Interference Device.

    Don’t tell Smythers though.

  4. pM
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    “love thy neighbour” a reality show on Channel4 that auditions various characters for ultimately a new life in a pretty stone cottage, it is set in Grassington. This weeks contenders are a trampy life model versus a lesbian couple.
    That’s probably it.
    Squid is prolly just a random word.

    I still like the idea its a quantum disturbance machine buried under the dales, messing with our minds though.

    The lesbians appear to be winning this weeks trial by tellybox. Which is nice.

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