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  1. Belinda
    Belinda at |

    Hi write a complaint as otherwise nothing changes, there are protected mealtimes at Harrogate to ensure patients get food and it should be to at other Hospitals in my view you have been more than considerate, dont let them intimidate you, Complain in writting. people wouldnot put up with crappy service in a shop so why do we have to when its the people we love.
    Am sending you all lots of hugs and you are all always in our thoughts, let me know how can help anyway.

  2. Julie Bradshaw
    Julie Bradshaw at |

    Matt you so need to complain,one dr who clearly has no concept of what you have been through and are still managing so well has no right to cast his inaccurate upsetting point of view. You have no need to consider his schedule he needs to manage his time and workload. This makes my blood boil. Harrogate hosp have The Patient Experience Team
    01423 555499 you can speak to them about your experiences and concerns and they will address issues on your behalf, in my experience this pulls staff up by there shoelaces

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