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  1. Iain
    Iain at |

    If it keeps you together then it’s probably fine. A together dad has to be more use to Jay right now, so just keep blogging if it works for you. Hope it all gets sorted soon. Sounds like he’s got good Docs. Big luv to you all mate.

  2. VapourTrail
    VapourTrail at |

    Matt old bud,

    All our prayers and thoughts are with you all and Jay (whatever god we may or may not believe in). This is a testing time for you all for sure, and one that will surely bring you even closer than you were before (if that is possible). The only words I can offer are be positive and be strong for each other, and reach out to us all whenever you need to – we are all here for you anytime.

    Si. xx

  3. pM
    pM at |

    Matt, like Simon says, i’m sure we’re all saying a prayer for Jay in whatever way we can and to whomsoever it is we believe in. For what its worth I know I am and will continue to. Maybe your blogs and microblogging (did he say…) is to the same end. I for one am pleased and grateful that you do update the way you do.
    As always, you know where we are if there is anything you need or anything we can do.

  4. Vikki
    Vikki at |

    My love and thoughts are with you x

  5. George Miller
    George Miller at |

    As i’m sure you know all our thoughts are with you and the family and if you need me to do anything just say the word.As for blogging your way through dark times,i did it when i was rehabbing and also when i relapsed and it actually helped me to make some sense of things because i could type freely and read it back to myself, seeing it on a screen stopped it from being a noise in my head at the time.Ive often thought that blogging/facebook/twitter is the modern version of screaming into a pillow and if it works for you like it does for me then it can only be a good thing.Of course it also stops people putting their foot in it when they see you and avoids awkward retelling of harsh times.
    all my love to you and your family you know ive always regarded you as a good mate and you know im very fond of your family as many are.Big Love Matt, G

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