Felix in a Sinclair C5

Felix in a Sinclair C5, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

Superb day yesterday. They have changed all of Jays meds – no more anti biotics for a start – resulting in a whole 8 hour gap between meds – which the staff at LGI advised we made the most of and get out of the hospital and into the sun. AYE AYE SIRS!

Eirene set off for Leeds to visit by the time we knew we were coming out – got a message to her to turn around. Both of us had the idea to pick up some asparagus from the farm between Harrogate and Leeds so the first thing we did on home arrival was a fantastic big feats that involved lots of beautiful asparagus. It was so nice having the whole clan home. All three pottering making watching playing chattering.

After a chill we headed up to T & F s house for a garden party / bbq. Lovely company – some of our all time fave lovelies were there and everyone was so peased to see Jay. Someone even turned up on an original Sinclair C5 (pictured above). Felix and I had a go. Part of me thinks they are brilliant, part of me thinks they are impractical. Quite fun though. Loved the branded Sinclair pedals. Quite a comfortable riding pisition but would feel vulnerable on a busy road me thinks!

Spent a great couple hours or so up there before heading back to Leeds General Infirmary for the night with Jay.

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