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  1. Emma
    Emma at |

    Hi, I agree, are you still using the quick road behind blubber houses, I just cant see any planning permission as to how they can close that road.

  2. Emma
    Emma at |

    Yep I am using that way, it’s a pain, like you either large vans or drivers doing 20mph, roll on the 10th, I am on serious countdown, it betters belief as to how they can stop cars using certain roads.

    Nearly 2 weeks down 3 to go 🙂

  3. Drunkass
    Drunkass at |

    What a rant! Testicle, again! Is Jay back in good shape now or on the right track at least? Hope so, we were going to organise a night to celebrate weren’t we. Let me know the sitch, ball-bag!

  4. Stu
    Stu at |

    Totally with you on this one. It’s been a real pain commuting over the A59 over the past few weeks. What I would say is that the sentry chap appears to have left by the time I’ve used the Kex Gill-West End little road (tempting fate there, mind, saying that).

    I can see why it’s not been an advertised route around the works BUT given that the A59 is a public right of way, the fastest alternative must remain open.

    Really, the route should be massively improved anyway. I know there is a bad safety record on it. Any other country would have dualled it (given the importance of the route as an east-west highway).


  5. emma
    emma at |

    I emailed the council and now they are saying Monday morning, but as usual don’t know what time, what a joke. They will have it open Tuesday as Yorkshire show starts.

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