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Some summer #2

After a false start in April where we had a pseudo summer for a week, this weekend we most certainly had a bit of summer. Well – yesterday at least – was hot, blue skies, happy days.

We had a party / fire bin / bbq type thing at our house on Saturday night with a bunch of lovely people. Sunday I drove Felix out to Flaxby as he was paintballing (came home with a stunning bruise).Snapped this and some other photos from a country lane where I stopped for a while to enjoy the nature of it all.

Upon my return I had a hour of bliss in the hammock, reading my kindle (proving the advertising edict “You can read it in direct sunlight”). The afternoon saw us popping round to a friends house for some cool drinks and a stand in their paddling pool – whilst Felix, on his second social engagement of the day –  played a gig at the Harrogate International Centre with his band – the Harrogate Youth Percussion Ensemble (HYPE). This reportedly went brilliantly.

Wrapped up the weekend with a chilled, second of the weekend BBQ last night. I’m really rather hoping that there’s plenty more summer to come.

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