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Flickr android app test shot

Flickr android app test shot, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Flickr android app test shot. Yahoo has FINALLY got round to releasing an android app for flickr. So far, so good.

Techno Token Awards

Techno Token Awards

We’ve got a new system in our house. It’s been running for a few weeks and so far, so good.   First of all a glossary of the semantics that this article is about to employ. ‘Technology’ is the moniker of all the electronic gubbins that our 3 kids have collated over the years. The list includes Nintendo Wii and DS,… Read more →


I did have a short vid of Sophie and I here, but the sound was corrupt Saw a lot of people this weekend that we’ve not seen for yonks. The main adventure elements involved a trip to Leeds to celebrate a 40th Birthday and time with a dog called Toby who’s coming to live with us for a bit shortly…. Read more →