I did have a short vid of Sophie and I here, but the sound was corrupt

Saw a lot of people this weekend that we’ve not seen for yonks. The main adventure elements involved a trip to Leeds to celebrate a 40th Birthday and time with a dog called Toby who’s coming to live with us for a bit shortly. He’s a Springer Spaniel and his owners are downsizing and going traveling.

I’ve updated DragonDrop with an all new follow icon for my google+ stuff as well – the new links on the top right hand side (at the time of writing) allow you to shortcut to my social networking stuff, should that tickle your fancy.

It’s been quite a foody weekend as well. Beef in ale stew yesterday and today I went Portuguese for lunch with a Caldo Verde and Italian for tea with a lasagna.

Anyway – I’m intent on a few hours in the company of tea and reading Catch 22 now.

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