30 deg C.. in October?

Sushi picnic

Seriously – I thought we were done with summer. Last weekend I thought – it’s not going to get warmer than this until next year, then WAMMO – the highest temperatures on record, back to back for several days in a row. 30°C was reported in Yorkshire on October the 1st.  I’m so glad we’d planned a picnic, down by one of our fave spots on the Nidd.  Sushi and Indian Tiffin, washed down with a bit of Eirene’s extremely tolerable Plum Wine in the company of beautiful people and Oliver (a dog).  Eirene, Felix and I actually went for a swim – can I state again please – in October. Just what I needed after a rather late Friday night of curry and fun.

That evening we went to a BBQ – where I wore shorts and didn’t get cold after dark – in October! Can you believe it? Some old friends and a new dog, so nice food and company. I got presented with a bottle, nay, a magnum of Niepoort ‘Drink Me’ wine as a belated birthday prezzy in a fancy presentation box.

Sunday – we chilled. I cooked some nice noms and created some HUGE Yorkshire puddings to go with it in a new Yorkshire pudding tin (actually a muffin tin) to go with it. Tripple egg batter. Splendid. I hope the weather holds up like this through the winter.

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