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Nothing much to report since my last post really. This particular post was inspired by looking at other blogs and thinking, I’ve not blogged about nothing in particular for a while. Maybe it’s a blogger thing. Looking back over the past wee while, dragondrop has been somewhat of a review site. Somewhat de personalised views of the outside world. Observations. I’ve not done a stream of conciousness type blog for some time.

I do get bored of reading too much ‘me, me, me’ though in other blogs, hence the reason I’ve been avoiding that as a topic.  The frequency of my posting has gone down a bit. I have been known to be a harsh critic of people who say “ooh, but I’ve got nothing worth blogging about, I’ve got nothing to say, that’s why I’ve not updated my blog for ages”. I typically retort with something like “just start typing and see what comes out”. That’s what I’m doing now. Perhaps I’ve fallen into a trap of thinking my posts have got to serve a purpose. They’ve got to be about something. I think on the whole, yes they have (or it would be one of those me, me, me blogs.) but occasionally, a word puke, is quite healthy.

I’ve always quite liked the lomography edict of “don’t think, just shoot”. Perhaps that’s a good exercise to try and translate to blogging although, I generally like something to point at. In this case, it turns out, it’s my blogging style that I’m writing about.

The insecurity of why, bugs me from time to time. Why do I keep writing, shooting, tweeting, organising, etc.? Who is it really for? It’s kind of dear diary a lot of the time but it’s as much to myself and on particular days, when someone else is at the top of my thoughts – it’ll be to them (although they may never know it).

So now this post feels like it’s about the right shape. I’m going to hit publish.

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