A day to remember. As we park our paper poppies on our lapels it’s a time to remember those before us who sacrificed so much so that we have what we have today. (It’s at times like this that) I personally feel utterly fortunate to be alive today, and to be living a life in all probability more comfortable than any of my forefathers have lived before.

The hardships and sufferings that men like my Grandad Watson went through to ensure that we have what we have today were extreme. Boiled down – they gave us peace, freedom and comfort. Three things that we take so much for granted, but for which millions before us have given their lives.

A time to remember. A time to think. A time to take stock and reflect that the primary objective of humanity should be the continuum of these three watchword – peace, freedom and comfort. And spaceships. Maybe an answer to the meaning of life other than  ’42’ would be good as well.

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