Jo Rigatoni

Went to Jo Rigatoni’s restaurant in Harrogate last night. An old favorite. It’s the most family friendly grown up restaurant we know. Top notch food and service. I was teaching Jaygo how to do the ‘catching the waiters eye, without making yourself look rude or like there’s something wrong with you’ trick. Very attentive staff – an ideal learning ground for the above.

To go with my draft peroni, I opted for an Involtini Di Firenze, which I bravely ordered, trying to pronounce it as accurately as possible  in Italian (again, whilst trying not to look rude or like there was something wrong with me). Beautiful dish.  Eirene had the Calzone – I’ve had this before – one of the most satisfying meals on the planet. Ed, my ace Father in Law had spag bol – very enjoyable, by all accounts. we only had around 66.66% of our children with us as Felix was/is on a sleep over in Ripon. Jay and Sophie enjoyed their pizzas and ice cream and being treat like princes and princesses.

Had some lovely chats and watched restaurant filling up – families, couples, celebrations, work outings, couples, business visitors; all sorts. I’ts one of those restaurants people do make an effort for but it still feels casual and relaxed. A happy place, good food top service and even though it’s quite a large pad, it doesn’t feel like a ‘big restaurant’ if that makes sense. Anyhoo – recommended.

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