Christmas Eve

The colour of Christmas Eve
A colour combo I spotted outside our house earlier

Twas the night before Christmas, well the day at least. I’ve had the busiest period at work I’ve had in a long time – huge deadline – nailed. It’s held off the ‘Christmas feeling’ for me, but today – it’s upon us.

We’ve got Eirene’s dad over for Christmas (lovely). Went for a bit of a stroll with him down to the (surprisingly un-busy) sorting office this morning, wi’ dog.

Popped out for a few drinks last night with some old friends to The Muckles (a pub) and have so far had a lovely morning. I’m currently mid production of a pan of Chestnut and Bacon soup and looking forward to seeing RichP, who’s popping over for a hello in a bit.

Later this arvo, we’re off to the Christingle service at St. Peters, then I’ve got a whole bunch of wrapping to do. I may do some rapping as well. My old chum SimonB is bezzing over tonight, and we may imbibe an ale or two to keep us amused.

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