Sophie opens a gift

I took this photo on Christmas morning…

Sophie opens a gift

Exactly 4 years ago I took a very similar photo…Sophie opens a gift

It’s amazing how much and how little changes with the passing of time. Sophie has grown up so much yet she’s still got this adorable little quiet smile that make me melt a little bit. Christmas was lovely. Lovely food and drink, company and gifts, smiles and laughter. We had Eirene’s dad over (hello!) – it’s always lovely having him around (I’d better say that, as I know he’s a regular reader!) and we ate and walked and visited and talked and snoozed and opened and then far too quickly waved goodbye.

G BladezSanta was really good to us. I got a new jumper, a scarf and a Sargent Pepper Mill and a book called ‘Mess’ that look quite fun – an interactive book. Eirene got a watch and a 3G kindle, as well as a ticket to an event in Birmingham in Jan. Felix got a remote control helecopter – a G Bladez Jaygo got a claymation type rostrum studio with clay, software, backdrop and everything.  Sophie also got a watch and everyone got new pajamas.

..Amongst a whole bunch of other top stuff. Textbook lovely Christmas. We’re in that weird inbetweeny week and I’m working. Steady away though, steady away.

Here’s a link to a set of snaps from our Christmas.

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