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Riverside walk

Riverside walk, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. A weekend of contrasts – Eirene and I had been out to a Festival warm up party on the Friday evening (the festy in question is DragonGate 2012 – no doubt more on that to follow). Much fun was had at this till the wee hours on Saturday – when I remembered I had… Read more →

Super Spam!

Blog owners will know that occasionally, you get spammed. The basic premise is that if a site has link in to it, it makes it seem better in the eyes of the almighty google, therefore increases its ranking in search results. Some people write scripts to post comments on blog posts – that have a link in them – with… Read more →

New Year 2020.

I’ve had the same semi-joke resolution for around the last 8 years – so far, un fulfilled. I’d like to drive a tractor. Preferebly a big monster of a tractor with loads of equipment fore and aft. Another resolution is to give up smoking in 8 years from now. My strategy for this is quite simple. 3 years ago, I… Read more →